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Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that caters specifically to the needs of individuals with diabetes with the exceptional recipe book by Diabetes South Africa and Estee van Lingen. This remarkable collection showcases an array of delectable recipes, carefully crafted to ensure a diabetes-friendly approach without compromising on flavor. Discover the "Snack Attack" section, which offers tantalizing treats to satiate cravings without causing blood sugar spikes. Indulge in the "Sweet Indulgence" chapter, where you'll find mouthwatering desserts that are thoughtfully designed to meet the dietary requirements of individuals with diabetes. Experience the joy of "Braai Time" with recipes that celebrate the art of South African barbeque while maintaining a balanced approach to managing diabetes. And for nourishing family gatherings, the "Family Feasts" section presents wholesome dishes that are both delicious and suitable for all. Explore the Yoghurt-Curry Marinated Chicken Strips, a flavorful and protein-rich option, or savor the innovative Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie, a comforting and nutritious choice. Treat yourself to Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies or the surprising yet delightful Black Bean Brownies, both crafted to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your blood sugar in check. With this exceptional recipe book, you can relish the flavors of South Africa while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle with diabetes at the forefront of every dish.

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Healthy Recipes

Healthy Snack/ Light Meal Recipes

Snack / Light Meal Recipe
Lean Biltong – 25g (¼ cup) = 1 protein serving


Fresh Fruit – limit to 1 per serving and not more than 100g
Nuts and seeds – Be careful of serving size as these are still calorie dense. 6 Almonds = 1 Fat serving
Dried Fruit = not more than 30g serving
Boiled Eggs
Raw Vegetables – snap peas, cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, mixed peppersbaby corn, baby carrots, broccoli etc
Yoghurt, unsweetened ​
Baked Zucchini/ Butternut Squash Chips
Banana & Almond butter bites
Apple & Peanut butter sandwiches
Mini pizzas
Baby quiches/ egg muffins
Oats & peanut butter bars
Frozen Yoghurt
Low fat Cottage Cheese Guacamole
Homemade Trail mix
Peanut butter & honey-yoghurt dip
Pico de Gallo: (nice fresh dip that can be used with meals or with snacks)
Mediterranean cucumber roll-ups
Fruit smoothies
Plain Yoghurt with stewed Apple
Homemade soups in winter
*View soup recipe section
Baby Pancakes/ Mini Pitas with fillings
Homemade Meatballs
Tomatoes, with Pesto and Mozzarella Cheese
Pita filled with Roasted Vegetables and feta


Soups Recipe
Gourmet Vegetable Soup
Creamy Soup
Chicken & Mushroom Soup
Minestrone Soup
Cauliflower Soup


Sauces Recipe
White Sauce
Homemade Chicken Stock
Salad Dressing
Cheese Sauce for vegetables
Chicken Stir-fry Sauce
Honey and Mustard Sauce
Creamy Herb Salad Dressing
Mushroom Sauce
Chutney sauce for meat
Satay Sauce
Tandoori Chicken Marinade

Winter Vegetable Ideas

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