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What is genetic testing and what are the benefits for you?

Each person has their own unique genes that make them who they are. Understanding your unique genetic make-up provides an important piece of the complex ‘health and wellness puzzle’. Genetic testing allows for a more precise, predictable and preventive health care that is PERSONALISED for you.

Nutrigenomics helps you to understand how your diet and lifestyle influences the behaviour of your genes. In a nutshell: your genes load the gun and your lifestyle pulls the trigger. People have different loaded guns affecting different end-results. Once you understand your genes, you can avoid different types of ‘guns’ from triggering – and lead a healthier life with a lower disease risk, and optimised health, diet, weight, activity performance, mental health and more.

Pharmacogenetics helps you to understand how your genes influence the way your body metabolizes medication. Genetic variation can impact the effectiveness and risk for side-effects of certain medication. Testing this allows your prescribed doctor to choose the right medication and dosage personalized for you.

Throughout your life, as your health goals and priorities change, DNAlysis can continue to provide valuable health insights from a single DNA sample to support your unique health journey.

Your genes do not change which means DNAlysis will only ever need a one-time DNA sample from you (taken as a swab on the inside of your mouth).

Why tests are available through me as a health practitioner?

To ensure accurate and personalised feedback and prevent misinterpretation of results, all test results are sent directly to us as your chosen practitioner. A feedback session with us is required before results will be released to you.

DNAlysis offers its tests only through trained practitioners since it is important to understand a person’s medical background and lifestyle as these factors can greatly influence how genetics are interpreted for an individual. A healthcare practitioner will ensure guidelines will be medically safe and scientiffically based. 

As DNAlysis accredited practitioners, we have been trained and equipped with the scientific knowledge to interpret your DNA test results and provide practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions for your individual treatment. You can order a range of genetics tests through us, or if you have already done your test, we can assist with interpretation and feedback of results.

Variety of tests include (but not limited to):

▪ DNA Health
▪ DNA Sport
▪ DNA Diet
▪ DNA Oestrogen
▪ DNA Mind
▪ DNA Skin
New! DNA Core (3 tests in 1)

DNA Diet:
The DNA Diet test is suitable if you want to lose or maintain weight, have weight loss resistance or a desire to optimise your diet. It provides insight as to which type of diet (i.e. Mediterranean, low-fat or low-carbohydrate) is best suited for you; your obesity risk; carbohydrate-, different fat- and exercise responsiveness; and how eating behaviours and circadian rhythms might affect your weight management. It is not a weight-loss meal plan but rather a tool I can use to better manage your weight.

DNA Health:
The DNA Health test identifies your risk of potential lifestyle diseases and how to optimise health and well-being by personalising your lifestyle, diet and supplementation choices. It tests for 53 gene variations and reports on genes involved in the risk for high cholesterol; heart disease; low bone density; poor insulin response; risk for diabetes; poor fetal and maternal outcomes; blood pressure; inflammation conditions; cancer; iron overload and more. It addresses core cellular functions as a way to optimise health at the root cause instead of managing symptoms. The test will also cover food responsiveness such as lactose and gluten intolerance and caffeine processing.

DNA Sport:
The DNA Sport test examines various biological areas impacting training responsiveness and sports performance. The test can determine the best way to maximise sporting potential, prevent injury and optimise recovery to reach peak levels of conditioning.

DNA Oestrogen:
DNA Oestrogen tests how oestrogen is processed in the body and if the processing of oestrogen and related compounds is efficient and healthy. It guides the personalisation of diet, nutritional supplementation, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy recommendations to improve oestrogen metabolism.  It can benefit both men and women. Poor oestrogen metabolism is a strong risk factor in the development of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as oestrogen dominant disorders, such as endometriosis and premenstrual syndrome.

DNA Mind:
The DNA Mind test provides insights into mental health disorders. It reports on neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cognitive decline); addictive behaviour (risk for alcohol, nicotine, cannabis and opioid dependence; psychosis from cannabis use, binge eating disorder); adrenaline seeking (risk taking behaviours), mood regulation (depression, bipolar, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder).

DNA Skin:
The DNA Skin test can help you to identify potential risk factors and inherent propensities to a range of skin conditions and qualities, from oily skin to freckling. The test provides personalised lifestyle, nutrition, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical recommendations for improved skin care, to decrease the visible signs of ageing. 

NEW! DNA Core:

DNACore is a Brand new test that combines the results of DNAHealth, DNASport and DNADiet and integrate the report to make it easier to understand and read so no need to do 3 individual tests anymore and try to combine the results and recommendation yourself

Get 3 in 1 test done!

What is the cost of the genetic tests and are there specials or discounts via medical insurance companies?

Please note that there are two costs charged. One is by DNAlysis which is the laboratory cost for the DNA testing and report. The second cost is for your consultation to discuss the interpretation of the reports. Medical aids may cover a percentage of this fee depending on your medical aid and plan.

Please contact us for the current test pricelist.

Momentum and FNB eBucks offer discount specials. Ask me for more info if you require it.

 Genetic testing and personalised healthcare are key for the optimization of health and prevention of disease! As DNAlysis accredited practitioners, we use DNA testing to improve the health of our patients. Contact us to do your own DNA tests now.

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