Sports Nutrition

Participating in sports and using a lot of energy, simply doesn’t mean you can eat anything and everything in unlimited portions. Healthy eating after you exercise, especially after intense exercise or an event, is important to replace the energy, fluids, salts (electrolytes) and carbohydrates that are lost or burned. Well-chosen and well-timed meals and snacks can help your body recover, adapt and perform its best. For example, including protein in your diet helps your body to stimulate muscle growth.

There can also be other factors to consider during training with different individuals such as being vegetarian, wanting to lose weight, wanting to gain weight, boosting your immune system, preventing cramps, chronic conditions such as diabetes, very little time to eat etc.

So in order to perform at your best, you need to be eating at your best. We as Dietitians are also qualified to assist you in making the necessary changes to get optimal results.

Sports Nutristion

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